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Telescope Mirror Grinding Machines

  • Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine Crusher Mills Cone

    Telescope mirror grinding machine Mirror making and optical testing The images below show the completed grinding machine in it's new garage in October 2001. GrindingPolishingMachine – LCAO. Telescope Making. Telescope Mirror Grinding and Polishing Machine. After I had made the 41-cm telescope mirror by hand I had decided that I needed a.

  • Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine Products & Suppliers

    After experimenting with copper and tin alloys for the metal reflecting surface and developing his own steam-driven mirror grinding machine , this telescope was completed in 1839. Optomechanical tests and performance results of the SIRTF cryogenic optical system. The flight secondary mirror of the telescope was machined , ground , and polished.

  • Astro Tel Mirror Grinding Machine

    MIRROR GRINDING MACHINE. I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago. It used the working principle of the machine illustrated at A Fig.3, Page 163, Amateur Telescope Making Book 1. A bowl which rotated was fitted to the spindle. I also built another machine of the same type.

  • Types Of Mirror Grinding Machines

    Nov 16, 2018 Types of mirror grinding machines - posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum Hi to all, I am planning to make a mirror grinding and polishing machine but i have limited knowledge about these machines. Because of this i have some questions to someone who has some experience with those machines - Some machines have fixed supportes and some of them have a prestaltic moving arm,.

  • Telescope Mirror Grinding Machine Pottery Wheel

    Mar 04, 2021 Up for sale is my telescope mirror grinding machine pottery wheel. I used this machine to grind a telescope mirror and it worked great. No walking around the barrel. Could be adapted with an overarm for a fully automated grinding machine. $125 shipped to CONUSA. Includes 3D printed mirror holder (mirror blank not included as seen in.

  • Telescope Mirrors Blanks Secondaries Grinding Materials

    TELESCOPE MIRRORS, BLANKS, TOOLS, TESTERS, GRINDING MATERIALS, POLISHING MATERIALS, ALUMINISING, MIRROR BOX, RONCHI, LASER, FOUCAULT, per kilo $40AUD Tin oxide grinding powder per kilo $30AUD Pumice grinding powder per kilo $30AUD 80 Grade grinding powder per 8 mirror $2AUD 120 $2AUD 220 $3AUD 320 $4AUD 500 $6AUD 1000.

  • 100 Inch Telescope Mirror On Grinding Machine — Calisphere

    100-inch telescope mirror on grinding machine at Mount Wilson Observatory's Pasadena laboratory.Image courtesy of the Observatories of the Carnegie Institution for Science Collection at the Huntington Library, San Marino, California.

  • Hand Grinding A Telescope Mirror Make:

    May 30, 2014 This is how you make a telescope mirror out of a hunk of glass Use a sand mixture and another piece of glass to grind away the middle of a concave shape. Repeat with finer and finer grit sand. Dave Barosso demonstrates the technique, but to do it yourself, try to visit one of the Telescope Makers Workshop‘s classes on Friday nights in Oakland.

  • Mirror Grinding Machine Worldcrushers

    May 15, 2013 New grinding machine The new grinding machine is being used to re-make the old TRO 30 inch mirror and the three 20 inch mirrors. It will be capable of making a Mirror grinding machine construction log – JamesCrombie.com page1.

  • Mirror Grinding Machine For Sale

    Mirror Grinding Machine. telescope mirror grinding machine based on Dennis Rech's M-o-M 20. . SkyBadger - Mirror Grinding Machine. I have a Mirror-o-maticmirror making machine that I swapped with MikeMS for a Newtonian telescope that was no use to me. The grinding machine had been built to the design of the mirror-o-matic design of.

  • Fixed Post Mirror Grinding Machine

    Mirror grinding machine 2013 . this is my nearly completed fixed post mirror grinder. still some work I started thinking about building my own mirror grinding machine several years telescope mirror grinding machine - Newest Crusher, Grinding Rough Grinding a 20 Quartz Telescope Mirror on the Fixed-Post Machine.

  • Mirror Grinding Machine Construction Log James Crombie

    Mirror grinding machine construction log get to far and put it aside for a while as I built several med sized dobsonian telescopes, A 15 for myself and a 16 for the NBANB. Both of these mirrors were bought, but I still wanted to grind one myself. I ordered an 8 kit from Willman-Bell but it.

  • Making Mirrors For Giant Telescopes Spie Digital Library

    The Starfire project provided much of the funding for a new polishing lab built in 1990 and equipped with an 8 m grinding and polishing machine and a 24 m test tower, which were first used to figure the 3.5 m mirrors. The Mirror Lab was not free to choose the focal ratios, so these mirrors were conservative at f 1.5 – f 1.75.

  • Parabolizing A Telescope Mirror Bbastrodesigns

    - Myron Emerson's Amateur Telescope Mirror Making - GAP 47's machines summary - David Harbour's Understanding Foucault - Albert Highne's Portable Newtonian Telescopes - Neale E. Howard's Standard Handbook for Telescope Making - Albert G. Ingall's Amateur Telescope Making, Volumes 1-3 - H. Dennis Taylor's The Adjustment and Testing of Telescope.

  • Mirror Grinding Machine » Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions

    The mirror or lens grinding machine is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering. It has several gears in mesh at all times and also has several variable settings built into it. This machine was most likely designed by Leonardo while he was either investigating the different ways that light reflected off things or maybe he was planning on.

  • Ritchey Mirror Grinding Machine National Air And Space

    George Willis Ritchey built this mirror grinding machine at the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, in the late 1890s. Under the sponsorship of George Ellery Hale, the machine was used to grind a series of telescope mirrors starting with a 24-inch and then a 60-inch mirror for a telescope initially intended for the Yerkes Observatory.

  • Building A Fixed Post Mirror Grinding Machine

    Aug 19, 2019 A few years ago, I was thinking about hand grinding a mirror. I watched a YouTube video of John Dobson hand grinding a mirror. I don’t really remember how big it was, but it was big. Maybe 14”. Maybe larger. John was no youngster in this video and even though he is a master, he sure put a hellova lot of labor into that mirror.

  • Large Thin Mirror Making Bbastrodesigns

    In addition, a great deal of money will be saved a finished 24 scope will set you back $7,000 grinding your own mirror and building the mount yourself will cost you $2,000. Amateurs have made mirrors up to 41 by hand. A grinding machine relieves the labor, but is not necessary. A 24 is the largest you can comfortably do solo.

  • Making My Own Fixed Post Mirror Grinding Polishing Machine

    Oct 15, 2012 Page 1 of 2 - Making my own fixed post mirror grinding polishing machine - posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum Hey guys. Im thinking of making my own fixed post mirror grinding polishing and curve generating machine. Ive got loads of questions regarding the design so Ill just start firing away Do I need an eccentric moving tool to be able to polish a mirror spherical.

  • Precision Grinding For Rapid Fabrication Of Segments For

    Mirrors in the range of 1-2 metres size. While maintaining high form accuracy, the BoX machine was designed for rapid grinding and a relatively low cost grinding process. Compared to other grinding machines such as the OAGM 2500, the BoX machine weighs ten times less (12 tonnes) and its overall footprint for a 2 m capacity is very compact (3.2.

  • Fixed Post Mirror Grinder Advice

    Nov 01, 2011 Hi AllWeve been having some idle discussions about grinding mirrors here. In particular, weve been discussing building a fixed post mirror grinding turntable for cutting mirrors up to about a 24inch diameter to spherical. Its only a pipe dream at the.

  • Making A Mirror Grinding & Polishing Machine Atm

    Mar 16, 2015 Page 1 of 5 - Making a Mirror grinding Polishing machine - posted in ATM, Optics and DIY Forum Hello, I am on the half of the way to make a mirror grinding machine inspired by original M-O-M design. I made the pulley arrangement such a way that, both the turn table eccentric spins at 50 RPM fixed. I wont go for making mirror bigger that 10.5 (or max 12).

  • Grinding A Telescope Reflector With Tool

    Grinding telescope reflectors of 15-inch diameter and over makes it necessary to employ a motor-driven turntable. Small mirrors are generally ground and polished by rotating the tool, fastened to the turntable, and working the mirror blank by hand either in straight or in circular strokes over the tool. In this case the overhang of the mirror.

  • Joy Of Mirror Making: Polishing Bbastrodesigns

    Polishing a mirror is one of the great joys you will experience as a maker and builder. It's also arguably the most accurate surface made by man or machine. If the mirror is expanded to the size of a football field, then the mirror’s surface will be smooth to 1 1000 inch or 1 30 millimeter!.

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